Plastic Fiber optic splice closure GJS-Ⅰ-2016 Factory

Fiber optic splice closure GJS-Ⅰ-2016

  • The closure adopts mechanical sealing structure. There is one oval shaped cable port entrances in base. The big entrance is used for the sealing of uncut straight-through fiber cable, the small ports are used for branch fibercable and drop cable.
  • To adopt engineering PC plastic with high-strength to make the closure has longer life time and excellent sealing performance.
  • It can be installed four splitter tray and 1:8 bare PLC Splitters.
  • There are different drop cable elements to be chosen (5,11.5). Max. 8 pcs drop cable input/output (special type can be customized).
  • The patented sealing structure keep good sealing performance after re-entry and re-using.
  • It could save the installation time and improve work efficiently.
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